On October 13, Mingshiyiju Professional House Inspection Group was stationed in Donghai Yuheyuanzi and initiated the professional house inspection procedure. The group has decided that since the beginning of the project of Yuheyuanzi, in the future before delivering the house to the property owner, it shall employ the professional house inspection company and conduct the acceptance of residential household based on the perspective of customers according to the professional house acceptance standard so as to further improve property owners’ satisfaction and project delivery quality. 

On 20th, 2020 “Shandong Top 100 Private Enterprises” list was published. Donghai Group was on the list again. This has been the forth time that Donghai was on the list. In the list published in 2020, the ranking of Donghai Group has risen by 10 places and is the 83rd place. It is one of the two private enterprises in Dezhou on the list, which has fully manifested the comprehensive strength of the group.  
In December, Building 13 of Pingyuanyihaoyuan, Building 1 and Building 5 of  Donghai·Yuheyuanzi, Building 13 of renovation of shanty towns project of South Street in Lingcheng District, Building 2 and Building 26 of Zoucheng·Donghaiyuanzi honorably granted the title of “2019 Shandong Province High-quality Structure Project”.   

Donghai Group successfully purchased the land in the north of Yucheng Donghai·Modern Town. This was the third plot purchased by Donghai Group in Yucheng within one month by following the former Yucheng Dinglong Building Materials Plot purchased on November 28 and the plot of Yucheng Donghai Town on December 4.  
In December, Donghai Group was granted the honorable title of “National Model Workers’ Family” by All-China Federation of Trade Unions.  

In November, Donghai Construction Group was selected as the pilot enterprise of general contract of reform and development project of the provincial construction industry. And the assembling factory construction project of Sandong Building Engineering (Dezhou) Co., Ltd. was included in the pilot project of the general contract of projects. 
In December, Donghai Construction Group was granted the honorable title of “2017 Annual National Construction Industry AAA Credit Enterprise”.  

200 houses of Donghai·Fumanyuan realized the clearance again in 2 hours, which created the myth of the eighth opening and eighth clearance.  

In November, the chairman of the board of Donghai Group, Wei Jianguo was selected as the president of the Second Dezhou Real Estate Institute.