Sandong Construction Engineering held the production quality skills competition
On November 14, Sandong Construction Engineering held the skills competition of production quality. The production quality skills competition was hosted by the production department and assisted by the technology quality department. 20 staff in 5 teams implemented fierce competition by surrounding framework, positioning, binding,etc. In order to achieve good grades in the competition, some staff among them gave up resting and worked hard at learning and practicing, did great efforts to research and develop and seek tips and skills or proactively put forward optimized scheme and improved operation methods. They all wanted to compete against each other, show their charm and present their values.  
Since the quality month, which started on October 15, a batch of technical experts with solid and excellent skills, proficient and fast tricks and stable and reliable quality have appeared. Group 1 and Group 3, which take Liu Zhen and Huang Yunxin as leaders, used the shortest time, had best quality and outstanding performance and lived up to expectations. They not only set the example for the improvement of staff’s skills, but also provided reference for standard optimization. 
In order to comprehensively improve staff’s quality sense, all people should take part in and think of ways. The company has set the suggestion box at the gate of the workshop, deeply explored all factors influencing the company’s product quality and put forward positive improvement opinions, technical transformation plan and other rational suggestions. In terms of the applicable reasonable suggestions, the company shall give rewards in accordance with the results achieved after it is implemented.