Yihaoyuan takes the Forbidden City as the sample, which has the reputation of Center of the Whole Country. It has inherited the structure and orthodoxy of China’s palaces such as “Sudoku”, “Axial symmetry”, “Court in the front and garden at the back” and “scarcity in the north and density in the south”. It has created the sense of field of “grand openness and dense arrangement”. Then a master piece taking the Forbidden City as the planning sample was born. It has led Dezhou Real Estate into the top mansion period.
      Dezhou Yihaoyuan has collected the essence of royal palaces and reshaped the residence pattern in Dezhou with royal palace villa and royal court villa, which have presented the unusual aura and manners presented by wealthy and influential clans in Dezhou, which is just as the old saying goes: speaking for Shandong and standing high in Dezhou.